Seven Days Till Midnight Poster XSmallAfter 13 years of gestation, a stressful 4 months of prep & production and this summer locked in an edit suite working on finessing the film in the hopes of discovering the perfect cut of the film, Seven Days Till Midnight is close to being complete.

This is a film that I honestly wondered if I would ever find myself where we are today, a finished film in the can and the edit almost complete. This has been for me personally a labor of love for many years and pursuit of making films like this one is the reason I have been in love with filmmaking since I was 13 years old, making short films as my book reports in middle and high school so many years ago.

I’m proud of the film we made and can not wait to share it with a wider audience. So far, the test audiences are responding well and everyday that we make a change and tweak the edit, I feel as if it is closer to the vision that began so many years ago.

We filmed in 2016 and 2017 in the mountains of Transylvania County, North Carolina.

Over the next few months, we will continue the post process and are currently aiming to have the film completed around the first of the 2018. We are starting work on the visual effects and the music is about to begin the scoring process and sometime in early December, once the fall foliage has cleared from the trees, we plan on doing a couple days of additional photography to add a bit more visual candy to the film.

sj8a1572We threw everything we had at making this film the best it could possible be. From the amazing technical achievements the crew made happen under challenging conditions to the performances of the cast, breathing life into characters and delivering true heart to every moment those characters occupied the screen, I can not thank the cast and crew enough. Please, keep checking the website and follow Seven Days Till Midnight on Facebook to stay up to date on the progress of the film and check out the new Seven Days Till Midnight – Gallery to see a little glimpse of the behind the scenes action.



Disillusioned with his life, a man escapes into the wilderness on a journey of self discovery & finds a mysterious place that offers a chance to go back and change his past. Seven Days Till Midnight stars R. Keith Harris and Blaque Fowler.

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