As the year comes to an end, I find myself reflecting back on 2015 as what is essentially a blur. Between shooting the feature film Shifting Gears, the music video Hooked Up, developing my film Seven Days Till Midnight (, shooting numerous commercial and aerial projects from Cleveland to Charlston, excepting a faculty position teaching Digital Cinematography at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and working through the post production on Shifting Gears that my company Cine Foundry is handling, I find myself ready to take a break and prepare for next year that is promising to be just a crazy.

2015 Highlights

Updated Aerial Reel – From shooting 30 miles off the coast in the deep blue waters of the Atlantic to filming speeding Porsches in the heat of Savannah, Ga this year proved to be a challenging and a productive year for the aerial cinema team of


Seven Days Till Midnight – Leading into 2016, we have been prepping to shoot what will be my most personal project to date. This is a film that I have been working on and developing for the past 13 years and to be only a few months away from directing this passion project is both exciting and unnerving. It will be an incredibly cold production given that we will be spending a month in the mountains of Western North Carolina but I feel like we are assembling a great cast and crew for this small and intimate film. Learn more at


Shifting Gears – I found myself once again standing in the Carolina red dirt for pretty much the entire first half of the year filming a racing movie. Between the unpredictable weather and the challenge of simply filming a dirt track racing film, we were lucky to survive it in many ways but in the end I think the end product is going to be fantastic.

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