On my constant journey to find tools to improve my cinematography skills, wether they be apps or not, I’ve discovered this simple little gem of an app.

Filmmaking Apps – Magic Hour

SunIconMagic Hour provides a tool to track and plan for the next magic hour in your location. Yes, it’s simple to estimate the time of the day that is optimal without a specialized app but the fact that this app will notify you at a predetermined time prior to the optimal lighting conditions make it a simple and valuable addition to any filmmakers collection of apps.

Simply set the Magic Hour app to notify you at your choice of time prior to the “Magic Hour” and you will receive a notification. I’ve found this to be a simple yet effective way to insure that I am not forced into rushing a setup on those shots that I hope to acquire with the magic hour light. To often, I get wrapped up in the current setup and loose track of when we need to be moving to be set and ready for magic hour. It comes and goes so quickly and is impossible to replicate if you miss the window and this app is a simple yet effective solution to being your reminder on the day.

How does the Magic Hour app work?

The app uses your location and the current date to calculate when the sun is between 6 degrees above the horizon and 6 degrees below.

6 degrees sun

Final Thoughts – Magic Hour app

The only thing that I feel is missing from the Magic Hour app is the ability to select other locations. I could see pulling this out quickly during prep to help schedule the day if a question of magic hour came up. If the app had that one addition, I’m sure it would be my go to app for anything relating to the golden hour.

I love apps that are small in size and designed to one thing and to do it well. Magic Hour is one of those type of apps. On top of being ideal for anyone who handles a camera, it is a free app so there is absolutely no reason not to have this on your iPhone.

appstore notopbottom

The app is available on the iTunes store @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magic-hour/id482426006?mt=8

For more info on the app from the developer, check out http://elfinda.blogspot.com

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