Film Thrive Podcast

Greg Kraus and I were recently invited to interview with the filmmaking podcast, Film Thrive, a podcast dedicated to interviewing pro filmmakers about how they make a living and their tips and tricks of the film business.

We discussed our new approach to producing films with Cine’ Foundry by partnering with producers and filmmakers on engaging, artistic and creative projects by providing our resources and experience as producing partners.

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About the Cine’ Foundry Partnerships

cf-adWith our partnerships, Cine’ Foundry’s goal is to lower the cost of production by providing the Camera, Grip & Electric gear along with our Production and Post Production Services in exchange for a percentage of ownership in projects we feel push the boundaries in a creative and artistic way.  In the past, we have successfully lowered the Below the Line cost of certain production expenditures by as much as 50%.

To learn more about what our Cine’ Foundry partnerships do and don’t do, check out

About the Film Thrive Filmmaking Podcast:

The Ultimate film business podcast, where we interview the pros in feature filmmaking, indie filmmaking, web series creating, YouTube, and film business strategy about how to make a living in filmmaking with today’s tools. Whether you are a rookie filmmaker or a master at the craft, there is something for you here. Tired of being a starving artist? Stop trying to survive filmmakers! It’s time to Thrive!

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