Seven Days ‘Till Midnight is the study of one mans journey not only in the wilderness but also a journey inside his mind, his emotions and his past choices.  Really it is a journey to find himself but the film poses an interesting question in that what would happen if, on this journey of self discovery, he literally found another version of himself?

Director James Suttles' Film Seven Days 'Till Midnight This project encompasses everything I find passion for in film and narrative storytelling.  This film has been in the back of my consciousness for almost ten years and the idea that we are close to making this film is both unnerving and inspiring.  I hope people respond to the film in the way that I have imagined.

It’s an incredibly personal film yet I believe it is also relatable for pretty much everyone in the world.  Is there really anyone out there that at one point or another hasn’t wished that they could go back and change things from their past?  I can’t imagine that anyone’s life is so perfect that they haven’t uttered those words at one point or another.  This film is dedicated to that idea and I hope that everyone who has ever said those words can look back and realize that in reality many things you would be leaving behind in your life are things that are impossible to replace.

There is a lot of detail in Seven Days ‘Till Midnight, detail that will become more evident on a second viewing of the film which I hope to take advantage of with regards the secrets and motivations that our hero encounters throughout.  This is very much a character study of our hero and with much of the film spent alone on screen, the role of the hero is incredibly challenging simply because the actor must breathe life into a character that we all are familiar with in a very personal way…  A character that represents each and every one of us.

As I said, this is a very personal film to me.  This is the type of film that I initially got into this business to make.  It is also one that I plan on guiding into a very rewarding collaboration with the entire cast and crew.  In many ways, I am risking everything with this project both creatively, professionally and personally.  If it crashes and burns I’ll be riding on top but that risk is the reason it is important to bring people like Greg Kraus, Greg Hudgins, Mike Gentilini Jr., Ken Altman, Michael David Ferree, Michael Gibbons, Shane Meador and many others on board.  People that I consider trusted friends but also people who will be supportive, invested and never afraid to go the extra mile.  They each are impressive with their desire for perfection and their amazing drive toward their craft.  This project is lucky to have them all on board.

Along with the importance of the story personally and the importance of the collaborative nature of the film, the setting of the film means a great deal to me.  I grew up in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and for my entire life, the wilderness has repeatedly been my oasis and retreat just as it is our Hero’s place of escape.  Dupont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest present a gorgeous backdrop to the story that I am sure will fill every frame of the film with stunning visuals.  If you are a fan of the outdoors, this is a film you will not want to miss.

Everyone that is coming on board understands that this is a project for us as artist, technicians and creatives to invest in  and never just settle but to push for the very best across the board.  This is a collaboration of the best team we can assemble.  It’s not just about making a film, it truly is about making the best film we possible can that can inspire and affect the audience in the most positive way possible and creating an environment for the production that is supportive to this approach.  For that reason, it will be a small crew, small cast, 24 shoot days with additional days of 2nd unit work.  Greg Kraus and I are putting all of Cine’ Foundry’s resources behind it.  We are also injecting as much production value as we can by including aerial cinematography, the Movi’ Gimbal System, the best lenses, the time we need to do it right and again, most importantly, a team that are all there with the same purpose.

We are planning on shooting this Summer with fundraising already in full swing.  So please visit share with anyone you feel may have an interest to support the film, I would be forever grateful.

I’ll leave you with this thought of why it is entitled “Seven Days ‘Till Midnight”.  First the “Seven Days” is in reference to the importance of seven throughout History, Religion and Culture.  From the Book of Genesis, the endless references throughout history, the seven colors of a rainbow and even in Numerology, 7 symbolizes our struggle, as humans, to know and understand and most importantly, seven represents Creation.  “Midnight” is in reference to the beginning or the end.  Midnight can be considered both the end of the day or the beginning of a new day and the double meaning applies to so many choices we make in life.  Both of these references are significant throughout out the characters journey and in my opinion to all of us as human beings.

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