Zombie College Short Film: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety


The Zombie College short film is a fun short film designed to promote North Carolina Community College’s Life Sciences programs. It’s an unconventional approach but it definitely seems to make an impact. I served as DP on the project with VidMuze.com producing for Learning Solutions and BioNetwork.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: A serene college campus in western North Carolina has a dark secret. A government research project has gone terribly wrong, resulting in a zombie apocalypse.

Amy and Jack are the last two uninfected students. Guided by Professor McClean, the trio will search for the cause, a cure, and most of all…try to stay alive!


Prof. McClean – Tim Ross
Amy – Andrea Laing
Jack – Isaiah Stratton

Director – Mike Gentilini, Jr.
Writers – Andrew Schultz & Benjamin Gabriel
Producers – Dan McClellan, Mike Gentilini, Jr.
Director of Photography – James Suttles
Executive Producer – Vernon Shoaf

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