A Shotgun Wedding - Produced by James Suttles, Greg Kraus & Tyler AllenCheck out the website and follow our progress on the development of “A Shotgun Wedding” as the website is designed to document the making of the film.


On a bleak autumn morning, twenty-three-year old Alyssa Garland nervously readies herself for the most important day of her life; her wedding.  To her loving family and friends, this day means more than just a brand new start; it is the end of a nightmare.  Alyssa had been previously married to an abusive psychopath, Harley Sanger.  When Sanger left for combat duty in Iraq, her family took the opportunity to intervene, and help Alyssa leave the disastrous union.

Sanger however, refuses to accept the loss of power he once held over the girl.  Even as the wedding party makes their preparations, Sanger makes his own.  He and two sociopathic, meth-addicted friends, Crowder and Drover, are crashing the wedding—quite literally.

But Sanger has more in mind than merely halting the wedding-he will settle for nothing less than a massacre.

For Alyssa Garland, the most beautiful day of her life may be the last.



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