Just wrapped principle photography on the film “Hero” in Winston Salem, NC serving as the director of photography.

7834_138016467337_519082337_2657265_7040840_nThe shoot went surprisingly well considering the weather and the fact that the film was 80% exterior and on baseball fields. Somehow, the weather held off when we needed it to and we only had a few days that we went over 12 hours. All in all it was a great shoot and we had some fantastic crew members to thank for the speed and quality that we were able to accomplish on a daily basis.

ABOUT THE FILM:  “Hero” is the story of one man’s determination to give the young boys in his town hope and confidence. He seeks to accomplish this by forming a baseball team deliberately designed to involve both fathers and sons in a common effort. Unbeknownst to him, his actions will also bless and bring a new meaning in life to the father of one of the boys, a man serving a life sentence in the local penitentiary.

For more info check out: www.herofamilymovie.com

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